Hopping on the Dukan Bandwagon

About a week prior to my departure to Fiji, I decided to hop on the fad diet bandwagon.  My diet of choice was the Dukan diet, a diet that has been marketed as the secret to why French women are and stay so skinny…  as well as Carole and possibly Kate Middleton.  Although many warn against restricting your diet too heavily, I felt that this high protein, low fat, and very low carb diet was a safe bet, that had the included potential of decreasing my daily insulin dosage, and dare I hope lower my Hemoglobin A1C.

The first day of the attack phase was surprisingly easy.  Avid dieters know that the first few days is when a dieter’s motivation is at its peak.  By the third day of my calculated five-day attack phase, I was feeling tired and (excuse me) slightly constipated as my dear friend Dr. Dukan warns.  Increasing my coffee drinking as well as purchasing and coarser higher fiber brand of oat bran helped me with these two issues.

Although a 20 minute walk every day is a mandatory component of the diet, the dear Dr. warns against strenuous activity during the first phase of the diet.  Having been an aggressive athlete who is addicted to exercise, I did not heed this advice and continued my 1-2 hours of cardio plus 1 hour purebarre workout regimen.  The effects were lower blood sugars… a lot lower.  To combat these bouncing lows, I made sure to eat my yogurt and oat bran allowance pre-workout and drink two 8-ounce glasses of milk post workout.  I also lowered my basal rate during the day to adjust to my new extremely low-carb lifestyle.  This seemed to do the trick.

So, let’s review my progress.

Starting date: July 14, 2011

Starting weight: 158 lbs

Weight July 19th post attack phase: 154!

Starting average units humalog/day: 40

Average since July 14: 27.5

Everything seemed on track as Dukan claimed I should lose 3 lbs (mostly water weight) in the initial phase.

Current weight: Unsure.  As I am in Fiji living in a hotel without a scale, I’ll have to see when I return home.  My bloodsugars seem to be more stable and in control, and I seem to use a lot less insulin…  My analysis is that it is so far successful.

Another problem I have is simply following the diet abroad.  Tonight I tried to eat only the fish in my fish curry as I am on one of my protein only days…  It is proving very difficult, and I find that I have semi cheated at least once a day, usually in the form of sauces accompanying my meal.  Thank god white meat and fish is a staple in Pacific cuisine!!!!


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