Cheaters Never Prosper

Diet news on day fifteen.  Yes I am now over two weeks into this diet.  As my lack of a scale and adequate mirror prove a barrier to my seeing any kind of improvement, morale is low.  Although I can say that my jeans felt a bit loose yesterday, it was possibly a hopeful figment of my imagination.

As I have mentioned previously, restricting my diet to protein and nonfat milk products in Fiji has been more than difficult, and I have had to adjust the Dukan Diet to suit my needs, in other words allow small quantities of sauces and exchange skim milk for low-fat (as non-fat milk products don’t exist here).  On the bright side, my stores of oat bran and stevia (smuggled from the US) seem to be holding up quite nicely, and my hunger levels are at an all time low.  Sweets, fruit, and desert have been replaced by yogurt, milk, and giant cappuccinos sweetened with stevia when I have a sugar craving.

Having felt slightly down with a case of jetlag, culture shock, loneliness, possible pms, and the all-around traveling blues I allowed myself to be swayed last night into a dinner that fell slightly outside the restrictions of my protein only diet that day.  Eschewing the safe local Japanese restaurant for the highly dangerous Indian one due to the masses, I fell into a tough ordering decision.  I chose a fish tikka as my entrée, a dish that listed no ingredients outside my diet restrictions.  Being a smart eater as well as a cook myself, I should have realized that there were hidden carbs that would sit untouched in my stomach the entire night.  I blame the jetlag, long workday, and/or extreme pre-dinner hunger I was feeling at the moment.  My meal arrived and contained no telltale traces of high carb coconut milk or yogurt typically included in curry.  I left my rice portion untouched for the others at my table and resisted the urge to order a plain lassi, but that was the extent of my self-control and proceeded to eat every bit of my fabulous fish tikka.

I must say, it was a nice change and an all-around fabulous meal, but not worth my rocketing blood sugars that left me with a sleepless night and bad attitude.  Lesson learned and a repeat of protein day to set myself back on track… Discipline!!!!


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