My Pure Barre Obsession

As a dancer, I am always looking for new workouts the increase both strength and flexibility.  I have the tendency to get bore easily, so I like to do challenging activities that are not monotonous.  Sipping a cappuccino at my favorite coffee hangout, The Pannikin in La Jolla, I overheard a vary fit woman speaking to a young man about a workout called cardio barre.  She mentioned that she taught at Pure Barre in downtown La Jolla.  Staring with a hint of jealousy at her  fab abs and tight tush, I vowed to try the class, and that is how I found myself in socks, shorts, and a tank at nine in the morning wishing our perky instructor could go to hell as thats where I felt I was. Ten minutes into warm up and I was sweating bullets, confused as to how the masses of fit La Jolla moms could stay so dry.  I couldn’t understand how the two lb weights felt so heavy in my hands, when I bench a whole lot more than that at the gym.  Finally, I’m a dancer, I can do almost anything, so why was this workout so hard?  One class, two hot baths, 3 advils, and I was completely addicted.

Grab a pair of socks and try it for yourself:


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