Breakfast or Break Fast later?

Please note: this post was written over three years ago, and there has been further research on this topic.

The never-ending breakfast debate continues.  I’ve had this debate with friends with family and it always comes down to the question, are you better off eating in the morning or waiting till lunch?  The anti-breakfasters claim that skipping breakfast keeps them from getting as hungry throughout the day, cuts their daily calorie intake by about 300 calories, and leaves them overall happier because they get a few extra minutes of shut-eye.  Well, to all you breakfast haters, here are 5 reasons to eat breakfast

A Camping breakfast
A Camping breakfast

1. Those who eat breakfast are generally healthier.

I would like to examine the link between health and eating breakfast.  Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are generally healthier and coincidentally weigh less than people that skip breakfast.  It is not clear from the studies, however, if breakfast eaters are

more inclined to eat healthy food or if it is really the fact that they eat breakfast that makes them healthier.  All that has been proven is that there is a link between eating breakfast and healthy weight management and lower cholesterol.

2. Eating breakfast increases concentration

Brain food is a real concept, and eating breakfast might help increase concentration.  According to a study published in, “Physiology and Behavior,” students given a breakfast with a low glycemic index were able to sustain longer attention.  Another study from the USDA Agricultural Research Service found that students who eat breakfast have an easier time tackling complicated math problems.  Basically, eating in the morning not only fuels your body but also your mind.

Fig Date Bars...  Breakfast on the go
Fig Date Bars… Breakfast on the go

3. People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to be obese.

The theory behind this is that by skipping breakfast you are setting yourself up to make bad choices later based on desperate hunger.  Eating a good breakfast theoretically prevents this.  I think this depends on the person, because personally eating breakfast doesn’t always keep me satisfied, and I sometimes turn to second and third breakfast, where as I generally don’t get as hungry if I don’t eat first thing.  Strangely I probably ingest the same amount of calories in both situations.

4. Eating Breakfast allows you to increase your nutrient intake.

Unless you are eating doughnuts for breakfast, most breakfasts will provide your body with not only fuel but nutrients and vitamins vital for maintaining healthy functioning.  Breakfast food tends to be high in lean protein, calcium, and fiber, so it makes sense that according to a study in 2011 published in “Nutrition Research and Practice,” breakfast-eaters consume more nutritents than those that don’t eat breakfast.

Things you should NOT eat for breakfast
Things you should NOT eat for breakfast

5. Breakfast food is the best food

Eggs, banana pancakes, french toast, breakfast burritos…  Am I making you salivate yet?

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