My name is Julie Hooper.

I am a Registered Dietitian, world traveler, and diabetes researcher living with type 1 diabetes.


I created Type1Traveler.org in 2011 while interning on a US State Department grant in Suva, Fiji.   As part of that grant, I assisted journalists at Fiji TV, in producing programming on how to manage type 2 diabetes for a local audience.  Inspired by my experiences in broadcasting, I set out to create a space to discuss nutrition, local food concerns, diabetes management (mainly for type 1), and international travel.

Type 1 Traveler was born.

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Travel and Growth

My work in international relations and international public health has taken me to Fiji, Maine, Nicaragua, Italy, Tunisia, and Berkeley.  As my career has shifted towards nutrition and public health, Type 1 Traveler has grown from a mostly travel-centric blog to a nutrition and health blog with the goal of separating science from pseudoscience in the convoluted world of nutrition and diabetes, and clearly presenting recent research in a way that is accessible to a diverse audience.

What You Can Find Here

I update my blog weekly with healthy recipes and articles on an array of topics spanning the realm of nutrition and diabetes. Click on the links below for the following topics:

Type 1 Diabetes




Some recent things I’ve written on are:  Nutrition graduate programs, Blood Glucose at Altitude, and alcohol metabolism and its effect on blood glucose.

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Nutrition and Health

Nutrition is as personal as it is biological. Our diet, our weight, and our preferences are entwined with our identity.

I understand the emotional and physical stress of living with “uncontrolled” type 1 diabetes mellitus in a body I felt uncomfortable in, because I have lived through it.  Life with T1D is not always easy, but I hope that I can help provide some insight and inspiration.

Our knowledge of nutrition and chronic illness is ever changing, and I’ll do my best cite current and relevant peer-reviewed research in the field, so jump on board and hold on for the ride.  Good health and good habits begin with research and education, and it is my joy to share with you what I have learned through research, my work in lifestyle interventions, personal experience, and my education.  Enjoy!


Julie A. Hooper, MPH, RD

Disclaimer:  This blog contains general information on nutrition, diabetes, and other related topics.  Nothing posted on this website is intended to treat or be taken as medical advice.  If you have a medical concern, please consult a licensed medical professional.