Who’s on 1st?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what exactly I am doing in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Well, in answer to that I am hanging at the beach, cooking fantastic meals, reading a Clash of Kings, and making lattes for a living.

I am working at a small cafe on 1st and Asbury St. here in Ocean City.  This splendid use of my Government and Legal Studies major is justified by the fact that I am learning the ins and outs of small business in America (according to my mother).  Personally, I’m just enjoying chatting up the locals and mastering the espresso machine, both of which are good practice for my year in Italy.

If you do stop by the cafe some things to try out:

1. Macchiato: it’s not the crap Starbucks kind, but the real Italian version.  This means espresso with a bit of foam, and I make a mean one!

2. Scones: They are famous for them.  I can’t even count how many I sell a day, but just about every customer orders at least 3.  I’ve only tried the espresso chip flavor, but apparently the mexican chocolate is legendary.  If only I could get my hands on the top secret recipe 😉

3. Chicken Salad:  It’s the only thing I’ve had on the regular lunch menu, and it’s fabulous!  Who knew grapes in chicken salad was such a good combo?

4. Pretty much any seafood dish on the specials menu:  I had the crab tacos the other day and went t

o seafood heaven!

Although, in answer to a question from my cousin, we do not grow our own vegetables in the backyard (though I would love that), pretty much everything is local and organic…  Would I work anywhere else?

Who's on First

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