A Big Brunch

A Big Brunch by julahooper
A Big Brunch, a photo by julahooper on Flickr.

There are few things I miss about America living in Italy. Other than my family and friends, I do miss brunch. Italians are not creative when it comes to breakfast. Breakfast is coffee and maybe a brioche (croissant). Fortunately, I have my own kitchen, so I can do breakfast my way, meaning 2 eggs sunny-side up over greens. On Sundays when I am free from work my American friend Jessica comes over and we go all out American style. Various Italian friends join us on these occasions and we shock them with the food we are able to digest in the morning. Jessica tends to favor the pancakes and french toast, while I am partial to eggs. The other day I made the perfect brunch dish. I guess I would call it a Mexican pancake. This fantastic meal consisted of a Dukan pancake, avocado, black beans, and a fried egg, layered in that order.

Dukan Pancake

3-4 tablespoons of Oat Bran

1 1/2 tablespoons of non-fat yogurt or fromage frais or quark

1 egg (or egg white if have cholesterol problems)

1 tsp hot sauce or chili powder


1/4 avocado

1/4 cup black beans

fresh cilantro


Beat pancake ingredients in a bowl. Heat non-stick pan and cook pancake mix until no longer sticky and brown in color. Layer toppings on top. Enjoy!

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