10 Things Foreigners get Right about Americans

A very patriotic American house
A very patriotic American house

1. Everything is bigger in Amurica.

Buildings, coffee, plates, cars, houses, freeways, lines…

2. Americans LOVE freedom whatever that means.

“And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free!”

3. Americans have different accents.

Californian, Bostonian, Southern

4. Americans eat hamburgers and hotdogs.

On the 4th of July, at the fair, at the stadium

5. Americans are too casual.

Nope, college students are not having a never-ending pajama party.  Sweats are acceptable class-wear.

6. Americans go wild for basketball, baseball, and football.

Although less than Italians go for soccer

7. Americans are tall.

Unless you compare them to Germans or Pacific Islanders.

8. Americans like to drink.

When you consider that many have Irish, German, Russian heritage.  People love to drink.

9. American girls are easy.

When they realize they can drink at 16 in Europe.

10. Americans are fat and stupid.

Some are.  Others aren’t.  America is rather big and diverse to make such generalizations.

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