Exploring Sicilian Markets

Have you ever bitten into a tomato as you would an apple? I developed this habit when I was living in Catania cause the tomatoes are really as good as apples.  Where I'm from in California, we have good produce, but a Sicilian tomato cannot be replicated and American tomatoes are tasteless seed balls in [...]

That’s so Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a set on Flickr. If you've read Eat, Pray, Love, you'll remember a section where Liz talks about how every city has a word. In Europe I've been thinking a lot about this. If Amsterdam had a word I think it would be chill. Everyone was so chill, a fact that me and my [...]

Navigating a Fijian Food Court

Panda Express, Subway, Rubios, McDonalds, Starbucks… Most are familiar with the typical American food court.  From greasy chow mein at Panda express to your foot long BLT sub at subway, the top floor of your local mall seems to have it all. Looking for a quick lunch I ventured to the local mall in Suva.  [...]