Navigating the Food Court

Panda Express, Subway, Rubios, McDonalds, Starbucks…

Most are familiar with the typical American food court.  From greasy chow mein at Panda express to your foot long BLT sub at subway, the top floor of your local mall seems to have it all.

Looking for a quick lunch I ventured to the local mall in Suva.  Up two escalators past the shop selling saris, I was greeted with a variety of fast food stalls that blew my local mall out of the water.  Where was the Starbucks?  I was confronted with a selection from which I could not choose.  There was a stop for Korean food, the typical Chinese stall, south Indian curry, vegetarian Indian, Turkish kebab (a tasty meaty burrito thing), Fijian coconut and fish, and a rare place where fish and chips were the menu.  The only thing missing was Mexican (something I wouldn’t touch here in Fiji).

Faced with all these choices, I headed straight to the least intimidating stall named “Oriental Cuisine” where I proceeded to order roasted chicken with a side of stir-fried veggies.

All in all I was not satisfied with my choice.  In the future I will explore before making any hasty decisions, as I hope to find a nutritional less-greasy option.

2 thoughts on “Navigating the Food Court

    1. Incredible! Although I’m trying to choose carefully and watch how much I eat. I’m told by my Indian friends here that Indian food here is lighter and that they use a lot of water instead of the usual coconut bases. I’m hoping to get a lesson in cooking light Indian dishes.


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