50 Italian Lessons

Things I've learned in Italy: 1. Caffe is espresso. At least three a day is normal.  It has magical properties that help you digest. 2. It is easy to ride the bus without a ticket... Until you get caught. 3. Biking to work is acceptable.  Walking is not. 4. Colds are not caused by germs, [...]

Whole Wheat Challah all’Italiana

Whole Wheat Challah alla Italiana, a set on Flickr. Passover has just ended. Being the terrible Jew that I am and living in northern Italy where jews don't exist, I didn't even realize it was passover. Anyways, I am celebrating the end of passover with a giant loaf of leavened bread. Even if I could [...]

Discovering American Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, a photo by julahooper on Flickr. The sweet potato became a part of my diet after a discussion with my dance professor about increasing my potassium intake to decrease muscle spasms. Low potassium levels put you at risk for muscle spasms (charley horses...) as well as other less fun conditions. As the kidney [...]

Zucchini Bread… What was that about not liking vegetables?

I have never been a picky eater.  In fact, there is a family myth that when I was in the hospital diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of two, the foods I requested were barley soup and avocados.  Now, tell me is that the food of choice for a normal two year-old?  I [...]

Of Mushroom Hunters and Sheep Parades

“The hills are alive with the sound of music!” I wanted to jump from my bus and run singing through the green pastures of the pre-Alps of Bergamo province.  To distract myself from this rather strange urge, I was content instead to spend the last ½ hour of my trip counting sheep.  Total tally: 238 [...]

Reflections on Catania from a Wannabe Sicilian

Reflections on Catania from a Wannabe Sicilian

“U tuoi beddu ùocchiu verdu cùomu u mari.” I looked at my roommate Ivana for an explanation.  She translated from Sicilian into Italian, “Your beautiful green eyes the color of the sea.”  I smiled at the crusty fisherman before me, thinking, “But my eyes aren’t green, and the sea here is definitely blue.”  He rewarded [...]