Catania: Where to Eat

Catania, a city famous for its fresh sea food, pasta alla norma, and the glorious cannoli!


Instead of wandering the streets hungry for a reliable restaurant, check out the restaurants that have impressed me.


Biscari  Expensive

Though quite expensive, I may have had the best meal of my life at this restaurant. My advice is to go for the seafood, cause that is their real specialty. I’ve had pasta alla Norma there and I wasn’t that impressed.
Their seafood however is absolutely fantastic and accompanied by a great Sicilian white and a very friendly waiter made for a great dining experience.
I ordered the Zuppa di pesce, which at 27 euros a bowl, is well-worth every penny. It’s exquisite and therefore indescribable. I can say that I finished every bite of clams, mussels, and craw fish that I could grasp and wiped up every drop of sauce with the fresh bread served pre meal. The appetizer that I ordered, a sampling of all the appetizers, was also exquisite, in particular the sardines seasoned in oil and garlic. From a girl who doesn’t often like sardines, that is a rare compliment, but then again food is all in the preparation and these were prepared like no others.
The ambiance of this restaurant is rather interesting. The interior is pretty modern and kind of dark. If possible, ask for a table outside in the courtyard, which is stunning on a warm summer evening.


Cucina Casalinga dei Fiori Cheap
Order pasta alla Norma! Pasta alla Norma is a dish typical of Catania made with casarecci (a worm like pasta), tomato sauce, fried eggplant, and ricotta salata (a type of ricotta cheese specific to sicily). A plate at this restaurant comes out to only six euros, so dining here is cheap. The other dishes are good, but can’t compete with pasta alla Norma. Also good is the caponata, a dish with a variety of vegetables served as an appetizer. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, but be warned at lunchtime there is only one server and one woman in the kitchen, so service can be very slow. On summer nights when there is more staff wait time decreases slightly.



Il Chioschetto

A good location for a coffee smack dab in the middle of Piazza Universita.  During the summer grab a granita and brioche and sit outside and make friends.

Cafe del Duomo 

Go here for cannoli.  Although seemingly a tourist spot, the cannoli here are the best.

Pasticceria Savia

Visit in the morning for fresh baked pastries or in the afternoon for arancini.  The arancini al ragu are especially fantastic.

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