10 Best Foods to take Car Camping

Tent Glamping
Tent Glamping

Glamping: glam-camping.  Camping with gourmet food and accommodations to match.

No more boxed mac n’ cheese and stove top brownies, not that that doesn’t sound appealing.  These ten foods will take your glamping experience to the next level.IMG_4281

1. Wine: Takes your glamping experience to the next level.  Just make sure to match your intake with water, so you’ll be ready to scale mountains in the morning sans-headache.

2. Cheese:  No glamping experience is complete without cheese.  Cheese is glam.

3. Gnocchi:  I like to prepare gnocchi with pesto and veggies as the dinner entre.  It’s a simple one pot creation on the camping stove and it never fails to impress.  Buy it vacuum packed from the store or prepare your own ahead of time with my sweet potato gnocchi recipe.

IMG_29874. Avocados:  If you are from California you understand why these are essential.  They make every dish spectacular.

5. Carrots and Hummus:  Great for the road trip out, pre- gourmet dinner snacks, post-hike snacks, second breakfast…

6. Banana’s:  Stave off cramping mid hike with a burst of potassium for breakfast.

7. Oatmeal: Fibrous, filling, fancy?  Oatmeal is a great camping breakfast as it’s quick, hearty and can be dressed with a whole lot of fancy things.  Try throwing in dark chocolate (left over from smores), peanut butter (for that morning protein), and chopped banana.

8. Peanut butter:  Put in your oatmeal, on your bananas, on your apple…  Great for quick energy and to add balance to your meals

9. Almond milk:  Better than soy, and keeps better than milk.  Buy it in a box and open it in the morning.  Add it to your oatmeal or coffee.  The best part, is there’s no need to refrigerate!

10. Whole grain bread: A basic that keeps well and can be used at any meal.  Sandwiches, french toast, hot dog buns…  Plus it helps  soak up the wine

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