For the Love of (Salmon) Burgers!

IMG_2301Weird as it is for an ex-vegetarian, I get extremely excited by the word burger.  Even stranger, plain old burger doesn’t do it.  It’s only the burgers accompanied by another type of meat:

Chicken, Veggie, Black bean, Tuna, Turkey, Salmon, Portabella, Lamb, Horse?

Much as I like to think I am Italian, I am not.  Italians are not ones to be excited by burgers, and they certainly wouldn’t order a black bean burger.  It’s strange then that I started to eat salmon burgers periodically while living in Italy.

It started at my host families house, when my host mother realized that I wouldn’t eat pasta two meals a day (imagine the toll on my blood sugar).  With three picky eaters in the family, she had to find a compromise.  The compromise was grocery store salmon burgers filled with god knows what.

My salmon burgers are a little healthier, a little cleaner, and even gluten free.  I also use chickpea flour, because I like the texture and flavor with the salmon, but you can substitute most other types of flour and even psyllium husks as I have done on a number of occasions.

Smoked Salmon Burgers (makes 2)


– 1 package (150 g) smoked salmon cut into chunks

– 1 egg

– 2 or 3 heaping tbsp chickpea flour (or psyllium husk)

– 1 tbsp or 1/2 shallot sliced into small pieces

– 1 tbsp chopped green pepper

– pinch salt

– pinch black pepper

– pinch fresh basil


Mix ingredients in order listed.

Heat skillet with a tsp of olive oil over medium flame.

Sear burger for about 3 minutes on each side until lightly browned on each side.

Serve with salad and wasabi mayonnaise

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