Disaster Preparation 101 with Type 1

Hurricane Irma has been barreling across the caribbean leaving destruction in its wake.  Here in North Carolina, many of us have been stocking up on water and anxiously checking for daily updates to see if we may fall in the storm’s path.  Recent updates show that we might be just out of the storms reach, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared, especially if you’re living with type 1 diabetes.

No matter where you live, you’re likely to be at risk at some point in your life for some kind of natural disaster.  Whether it’s earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, or volcanic eruptions (I’ve seen them all), you should always have an emergency diabetes kit packed and ready to go.

As many of you probably know, stress and type 1 diabetes don’t exactly mix well, and can make controlling your blood glucose extremely challenging.  The best way to minimize stress in these situations is to plan ahead and prepare.

The following is a good checklist to make sure you have your supplies in order in case of emergency.

Type 1 Emergency Kit

Pack at least 2 weeks worth of:

____ Insulin

____ Syringes

____ Alcohol swabs

____ Test strips

____ Pump supplies

____ CGM supplies

____ Glucose tabs or gels (or other nonperishable fast-acting carbohydrate to treat hypoglycemia) 

____ Extra batteries for pump and glucometer

____ Backup glucometer

____ FRIO bag (These can keep insulin cool for a minimum of 45 hours and are reactivated in water if you loose power for an extended period of time)

Store the following in 2 ziplock bags or a waterproof bag:

____  Printed Copy of all your prescriptions (in case your pharmacy is closed or can’t access electronic records)

____ Printed Copy of your health insurance card

____ Emergency contact information (including your endocrinologist’s name)

____ Record of your basal rates


One thought on “Disaster Preparation 101 with Type 1

  1. Great disaster preparedness briefing, and the list is essential. Good you posted this in the worst year for hurricanes in recent memory.


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