Summer’s Bounty Peach Frozen Yogurt

Yesterday was our last cooking demo as dietetic interns at the Wilkes Diabetes and Nutrition Center and it was just peachy!


The theme was summer produce and this peach frozen yogurt was definitely one of my favorites. It only contains 3 ingredients, and was super easy to make once we finally got the food processor to work properly!

Erin C peach fro yo

Some of our patients however were a bit concerned about eating peaches, because they had read or heard that peaches were particularly bad for their blood sugar.

All fruit contains carbohydrates and has the potential to raise blood sugar, but fruit is an awesome source of nutrients and it makes a great dessert or snack! I’m not sure where this peach fear came from, but peaches are not a particularly high carb fruit. In fact, 1 medium peach generally contains about 15 g of carbohydrates, which is less than a medium apple, and they both contain fiber along with tons of other awesome stuff our bodies need. Apples and peaches and other fruits will typically raise blood sugar because they contain fructose (every individual responds differently ), but is that really a reason not to bite into a cool juicy peach on a hot summers day?

I say no.


Healthy Greek Frozen Yogurt

Carbohydrates per serving: 16 g

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