Five Ways to lower your Blood Sugar when it won’t Budge


I go through periods where my blood sugar just won’t budge.  Increased insulin resistance can be attributed to a variety of factors including: menstrual hormones, fighting off infection, and stress.  Having a blood sugar over 200 mg/dL that just won’t budge is extremely frustrating.  You keep throwing insulin at it.

Here are five tips to lower blood sugar:

Sweaty gym selfies

1. Exercise

This is a little controversial as exercising when you have ketones can be dangerous.  Make sure to test your ketones before exercising.  In my personal experience, I’ve found this to be the quickest way to lower a high blood sugar.

2. Change your site

Sometimes, our insulin isn’t as effective because there is something wrong with the pump site (if you’re on a pump).  It may be that the tubing is kinked or that there is a piece of tissue blocking the tubing or that the site is simply old and your subcutaneous fat at the site has begun to thicken (lipohypertrophy).  Changing the location of your site can help with this.

3. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water will help flush out the excess glucose in your blood, and therefore help lower your blood glucose.  So, drink up!

4.  Try injecting into the musclephoto 5

Most of the time we inject into our subcutaneous fat; however, Injecting insulin straight into your muscles will help it absorb faster. Faster absorption means lowering your blood sugar quicker.



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